At HoldenCAPITAL Partners we pride ourselves on the quality of the projects we work on, the people we partner with and the risk adjusted returns we deliver.

HCP is powered by HoldenCAPITAL, Australia’s #1 Commercial Mortgage Broker in 2015,2016 and 2017, this relationship really sets us apart from our competitors and means that HCP investors gain access to a constant flow of quality transactions to consider.

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HCP Investment Opportunities

The investment opportunities we present will generally fall into three main risk vs reward structures:

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Track Record

Over the past 5 years HoldenCAPITAL has facilitated almost $1billion of construction funding. 
Over $200million of this was with private investors. Below is a snapshot of some of those deals.


Investor Testimonials

We have invested in numerous loans with Holden Capital as loan manager, they take the guess work out of investing and prepare everything to allow me to make a quick decision. Our family office will happily keep investing in their loans going forward.
— Shane, Private Investor
HoldenCAPITAL managed a loan that I invested into for the past 18 months and they are always prompt with actioning items and have a finger on the pulse of the project protecting our interests.
— Paul, Private Investor

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