Our main focus is to leverage our collective skills, knowledge, resources and relationships to structure project finance solutions as well as the provision of equity to minimise the risks and maximise the return to our clients while taking account the interest of all stakeholders.

Appointing HoldenCAPITAL to secure your debt and equity requirements enables you to tap into our ability to source and negotiate more flexible terms from our extensive network of banks, non-bank institutions, mortgage funds and our trusted relationships with private lenders.

Debt Solutions

The majority of the projects that HoldenCAPITAL works on are funded by the major banks enabling us to use our first-hand knowledge gained from participation in the finance markets and real-time data from similar transactions to facilitate the best possible terms. There are numerous variables that can be negotiated to improve the overall terms of a transaction and the resultant value-add we create reflects our understanding of the current market. It also provides us with the knowledge of how, when & why banks take a cautious approach to private sector development projects & the best ways to then deal with any hurdles arising from those concerns.

Mezzanine and Equity Solutions

HoldenCAPITAL also provides direct mezzanine and equity solutions to qualified projects via its association with HoldenCAPITAL Partners. HoldenCAPITAL Partners provide developers with access to mezzanine, equity and preferred equity investment funds competitively priced and structured to ensure a mutually successful outcome for both parties.

Brisbane Office Staff


Steve Wiltshire
Executive Chairman
Brisbane Office

Steve spent 26 years with Macquarie Bank doing project finance and joint ventures and recently 3 years as Executive Director of ANZ Property.

Contact Steve:

Dan Holden

Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne Office

Daniel brings over 13 years of development and finance experience which includes over 6 years in finance consultancy and funds management.

Contact Dan:
0401 669 502

Eric Trieu

Brisbane Office

Eric has over 20 years experience in project marketing. He was CEO of two international marketing firms, The Aldy Group & Empire Property Investors.

Contact Eric:
0433 952 809


Brett Cottam
Finance Consultant

Brisbane Office

Brett has over 16 years of corporate banking experience with NAB and BOSI, specializing in property investment & development including residential, commercial, retail, industrial & mixed use assets.

Contact Brett:
0447 665 596

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Daniel Hounsell
Finance Consultant
Brisbane Office

 Daniel has 18 years of industry experience including 5 years as an engineer and developer and 13 years in mortgage experience. Moving to Queensland in 2006, Daniel's local experience includes a National Managers Role in Franchise Banking with BOQ.

Contact Daniel:
0402 853 306


Gary Connolly
Head of Investments

Brisbane Office

Gary has over 12 years of experience in financial services, specifically in banking and funds management. Gary most recently spent 8 years with Trilogy Funds Management as their Business Development Manager and prior to that was in key account management roles at Citigroup and Deutsche Bank.

Contact Gary:
0432 470 498


Sydney Office Staff

Melbourne Office Staff

Screenshot 2017-09-25 11.30.16.png

Adam Hartard
Finance Consultant

Sydney Office

Adam has over 13 years of experiencein property finance and development including Commercial,  Industrial and Residential property.


Contact Adam:
0428 675 881

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Matt Mattsson
Melbourne Director

Melbourne Office

Matt is a highly experienced corporate finance and accounting professional with over 18 years working at Nab, PwC and EY.  Specialising in property finance, Matt has worked with a wide range of customers to provide effective capital solutions.

Contact Matt:
0428 671 692

HoldenCAPITAL Timeline

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