Mezzanine Debt

Are you looking to conserve your cash contribution towards your next development project?

Have a look at your project feasibility, with you putting in all the cash required to satisfy the bank, your cash IRR is typically about 50-80%pa, when you dilute your cash contribution by using a capital partner like QSI who only take 20-30%pa, which typically boosts your IRR to 120-150%pa. talk to us today about being smarter with your project cash.

Providing Mezzanine Debt from $2million up to $20million per project

  • Maximum Loan to Cost Ratio of 90%
  • Cost of funds can vary from 20%-30%pa dependent on how good the project, sponsor and how far progressed the project is;
  • 5.0% establishment fee, can be reduced for larger loans, this is paid as:
  • $10,000 on application, which covers the credit  committee preparation and review;
  • $15,000 upon acceptance of the formal finance offer, which covers loan documentation costs;
  • Balance paid from the loan settlement
  • In most cases the mortgage security will be limited to the subject property, this means we don’t tie up   all of your assets
  • Second mortgage property security will be required, however we can also look at scenarios where this  may not be available, but will have to price for the risk associated;
  • In most cases we won’t require additional pre-sales above what the senior lender has dictated they require
  • Streamlined credit process, most loans we have issued a term sheet within 1-3 days, then once we have the credit submission complete our credit committee typically takes 1-3 days;
  • Funds are available, quick settlement can occur, if all required documents can be provided.